Below is information to help you prepare for the shoot with SEAN!
Sean’s Contact Info: +1-267-808-7040



The shoot would be for Herbiceps and you would get compensated and receive the photos once edited. The goal of the shoot is to show off your physique through photos and video. The shoot typically lasts for 60-90 minutes. There will be an emphasis on flexing for the shoot. Below is a video to demonstrate the sort of filming we would do during the shoot.





- Please arrive with your hair and makeup ready for the shoot. It is up to you if you want to do it yourself or hire a MUA.

- Please bring at least 5-6 outfits. Having a ton of options is great in case some outfits don't work or to add variety during the course of the shoot. Please be creative with your outfits and let the outfits reflect your personality. If you like to be more sexy, lingerie/bikinis work. If you are more conservative, bringing casual outfits such as jean shorts and a tank top would do just fine. Long jeans work well too! The goal for the outfits is to show off your physique while also spotlighting your personality. We like casual/everyday outfits as much as bikinis/dresses. Please visit to see more of what we do.

- Here is a list of items to bring:

  1. Sneakers

  2. two kinds of heels/wedges (black and neutral colored)

  3. Two-Three bikinis of different colors.

  4. Jean shorts and/or long jeans.

  5. Two- Three casual top (T-shirts/Tank Tops)

  6. A hair tie.

  7. A dress or anything else that you think would look good on your for the shoot.





The location and meetup spot will be confirmed by Sean the day/night before. The location is typically close to the host hotel of the competition. We will always confirm the time of the shoot with you the day before. If it rains due to poor weather, we will attempt to secure a covered location. 



- Please arrive with your first outfit on, even if you are unsure what to start with, select something you are comfortable shooting in. 

- If not competing around the time of shoot, please avoid training too heavy beforehand. The shoot itself can sometimes be exhausting, so it is important to be fresh. We usually brings cable bands to help getting pumped up.

-SPRAY TAN- If it is after competing and you think you can wash off the tan, please do so. If it is a few days after competing, please use moisturizer to help preserve the tan and avoid cracking. If cracking of the tan happens  before the shoot, it is not the end of the world. If this isn't a shoot around your show, please check with me before applying any spray tan on. High temperatures can cause the spray tan to sweat off onto your clothes. 

- Please always bring a hair-tie in case it is windy or to change looks.

-Please shoes to walk in, in case we need to change locations.

-It is a good idea to ask your coach if he/she is ok with shooting (if the shoot is before or between shows)



- We will edit all of the photos and deliver them once edited by the company. The normal turn around time is from 1-4 months. We will attempt to deliver 1 edited image within a week after the shoot. Please give the photographer & herbiceps credit when posting on social.



For any inspiration or ideas, please check Sean or Herbicep's instagrams and give them a follow!