Below is information to help you prepare for the shoot with SEAN!



The shoot would be for Herbiceps and you would get compensated and receive the photos once edited. The goal of the trip is to get many different looks and do show off your physique through photos and video as much as possible. A typical trip with us will include anywhere from 3-5 shoots with each ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours. Please speak with Sean about the exact schedule. 

Below is an example of some of the video we would shoot of you. We will shoot a bunch of video of you flexing, training heavy at the gym, posing next to skinnier models (female/male). You may do a pusup contest against the person or squat that person. The goal is to make you look awesome.

We will do two different interviews, one is about your transformation from before you began to compete until today. Please find and bring pictures of hyourself before you got into fitness and photos representing your progress through the years. Your first stage shot or shots count as photos to bring. Photos of you as a kid or teenager also works. Imagine taking us through time and having photos support each highlight of your journey. Anywhere from 10 photos or more counts.

We will do another interview talking about how your strength or physique played a role in a social situation. Please think of a story and if the story is short or lame, feel free to make up more to it to make it more interesting. An example would be one day you were at the bar and someone challenged you to an armwrestling challenge or pushup content. Another example is I had someone who was a prison guard who had a run in with inmates during a riot. A last example to help you think of a story was a story someone told about being in college and being asked to flex for photos all the time.

A last thing we may do is a video shoot at the gym where we have you max out on a lift. It could be biceps curls or bench press. It would be 5-6 sets starting at a very light warm up for 8 reps which each additional set getting higher in weight. By the last set the hope is to have you do your max as 2-3 reps. (Form is not important). Please talk to Sean about the gym shoot, he may or maynot ask you to do this depending if you are weeks out from a show.





- Please bring makeup with you. We may have a Makeup Artist for one of the shoots but you will be held responsible for makeup/hair for other shoots. 

- Please bring at least 15-20 outfits. Having a ton of options is great in case some outfits don't work or to add variety during the course of the trip. Please be creative with your outfits and let the outfits reflect your personality. Please bring casual outfits and also bring sexier outfits that best fit your style. The goal for the outfits is to show off your physique while also spotlighting your personality. We like casual/everyday outfits as much as bikinis/dresses. Please bring different colors! We would like to avoid everything being either black or white. Please visit to see more of what we do.

- Here is a list of items to bring:

  1. Sneakers

  2. 4 kinds of heels/wedges (black and neutral colored)

  3. 5-6 bikinis of different colors.

  4. 4-5 Lingerie

  5. 2-3 Gym outfits (leggings/shorts/tank tops/sports bras

  6. 5 Jean shorts and/or long jeans.

  7. 4-5 casual top (T-shirts/Tank Tops)

  8. A hair tie.

  9. 2-3 dress or anything else that you think would look good on your for the shoot.





The location and meetup spot will be confirmed by Sean the day/night before. The location is typically close to the host hotel of the competition. We will always confirm the time of the shoot with you the day before. If it rains due to poor weather, we will attempt to secure a covered location. 



- If you are having trouble finding enough outfits to bring, you could buy new outfits and return them after the trip (keep the tag!) 

- Please get a tan from a tanning salon if you think you need one. Please avoid any kind of Spray Tan as your sweat may remove the tan.

- Please always bring a hair-tie in case it is windy or to change looks.

-The trip will be a busy one so please arrive with the expectations to shoot a lot.



- We will edit all of the photos and deliver them once edited by the company. The normal turn around time is from 1-4 months. We will attempt to deliver 1 edited image within a week after the shoot. Please give the photographer & herbiceps credit when posting on social.



For any inspiration or ideas, please check Sean or Herbicep's instagrams and give them a follow!