Below is information to help you prepare for the shoot with Sean!



The shoot would be for Herbiceps and you would get compensated and receive the photos once edited. The goal of the shoot is to show off your physique through photos and video. There will be a lot of shoot during the trip in Vegas. During the summer months it is very warm so be prepared for the heat.



- Please do not come with any kind of spray tan unless asked by Sean. With the heat in Vegas, spray tans can sweat off. Please bring makeup, while we typically have a MUA for some of the shooting, there is a chance we will need you to do your own makeup.

- Please bring a lot of outfit options. Having a ton of options is great in case some outfits don't work or to add variety during the coarse of the shoot. Please bring at least 10-12 different outfits with variety in color and style. Please be creative with your outfits and let the outfits reflect your personality. Long jeans, jean shorts, matching two piece bikinis, one piece bikinis, dresses, tank tops, lingerie, casual t-shirts or anything else different works! The goal for the outfits is to show off your physique while also spotlighting your personality. The goal is variety in both types of outfits and colors. Bringing different sneakers and heels is important as well. 





The location and meetup spot will be confirmed by Sean, possible locations in Vegas: Tunnel, hotel suite, parks, desert flats, red rock canyon, gyms, Las Vegas Strip etc.



- Please don't train too hard before the trip or any shoots, the shooting will feel like a workout so being fresh is important. 

- Please remember to self-groom a day or so before the trip (shaving)

-Please no spray tans unless Sean asks for it.

-If this fly-in is the a week or weeks before a show, we will help provide a food service and gym.

-Take a look at our work to get an idea of the kind of shots we will take and the type of video we will shoot. Please check out Sean's instagram to see the videos/photos

-Accessories are fine to bring! Sunglasses are a nice touch, especially if you have sensitive eyes. It will help you feel more comfortable during a sunset shoot.



- We will edit all of the photos and deliver them once edited by the company. The time it takes ranges from 1-4 months. Sean TRIES to edit 1 right after the shooting to help with the wait. All that we ask is to give Sean credit on social media when posting. 



For any inspiration or ideas, please check Sean's instagram and give him a follow!